mpa degree worthless: 20 Most Useless College Degrees 2023 in 2023


In order to progress in many public service careers, it is necessary to develop your leadership and management skills. It is the degree of choice for people who want to advance their careers in public management, policy-making, and the nonprofit sector. An MPA is especially aimed at those who want to pursue management positions within these sectors and the degree focuses on leadership roles like creating policy and managing public funds as well as managing people. A Master of Public Administration is an advanced degree for those seeking to bolster their credentials and knowledge base in the areas of public service or nonprofit management.

  • The MPP focuses on policy evaluation and design, while the MPA focuses on program implementation.
  • They are less employable than someone with a business degree and may lack the education and experience it takes to get a job.
  • He studied at the University of Cambridge and – among the top of his class – graduated with both a Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics and a postgraduate degree in Computer Science.
  • Those with an MPA will be ready to work in the public sector or for non-profit organizations.

This isn’t to say that someone earning an MPA doesn’t care about financial numbers or someone studying for an MBA only cares about money. But not everyone will have the same level of interest in all organizational missions, so carefully weigh what’s most important to you. Depending on the MPA program, a capstone project may also be required. Some schools will call this an internship while others will refer to it as a residency. No matter what it’s called, it provides students the opportunity to practice team-building skills, network, and apply their classroom knowledge to the real world. Typical classes will cover subjects such as marketing, finance, organizational theory and behavior, accounting, data analytics, business ethics, and business strategy.

And whether you choose to make your mark in the public sector, or in nonprofits or NGOs, you’ll have the ultimate satisfaction—and reap the rewards—of working for the public good. The twin diploma tracks are very fashionable among University of Maryland college students with the option to earn two degrees inside a shortened time-frame. A 5-12 months program can be out there for individuals who want to earn their undergraduate diploma and MPP at an accelerated pace.

Advantages and Disadvantages of a Master of Public Administration

The first master’s program in public administration was established at the University of Michigan in 1914 as part of the Department of Political Science. The goal was to improve efficiency in municipal government and eliminate corruption. The program was developed by department chair Jesse S. Reeves, who later served as a technical adviser to the League of Nations Hague Conference in 1930. The program has since expanded to a full graduate school known as the Gerald R. Ford School of Public Policy. As a professional level degree, the MPA requires students first to have an undergraduate level degree from eligible universities.


Whatever your background, you most likely can find a good fit in a public administration program. And if you’ve been working in the field of public affairs for a while and have your eye on an advanced position (even at the C-suite level), you may want to consider earning an executive master’s in public administration. An executive MPA allows you to gain sophisticated skills in public administration leadership. Public administration is what happens at every level of government, including federal, state, and local. To obtain high positions within public administration or to work within nonprofit management, this could be the degree you need.

Social Work

Experienced college grads earn an average of $63,000 a year, while experienced graduate-degree holders earn $75,000 a year, on average. Experienced college grads earn an average of $93,000 a year, while experienced graduate-degree holders earn $107,000 a year, on average. Most MPA programs will require all students take core classes, such as introduction to public administration, program planning, and managing public organizations. There will also be a wide selection of electives to choose from, including public financial management, grant writing and management, and healthcare finance. An MBA, or Master of Business Administration, is a graduate credential that focuses on business concepts at the management or executive level. It’s a degree program typically designed for individuals seeking to advance their careers at a for-profit organization in the private sector.

Some public sector topics that you might specialise in are international development, public management, health management, nonprofit management, policy analysis and policy making. MPA degree programs are often designed with early-career or mid-career professionals in mind, meaning they are typically flexible in their course structures and options for study. Another option is to enroll in an online MPA program so that you can work on coursework at a pace that works with your schedule. MPA diploma strengthens your analysis, communication, interpersonal, logical reasoning and analytical expertise. They are geared up with useful tools and strategies to deal with the challenges of public administration. Many distance studying universities additionally provide this program like VU, BZU and AIOU.

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Dual degree tracks are additionally obtainable with students able to pursue a MPA and a Master’s in Social Work, Student Affairs Administration or Community Health Nursing. Binghamton University makes it possible for MPA college students to customize their diploma programs to finest swimsuit their needs. Courses are geared for college students who goal to run authorities places of work and non-profit organizations. Ethical issues and accountability are mentioned in depth by way of the courses as a approach to put together professionals for public service jobs. A total of 41 semester hours are required for MPA completion with an internship needed for diploma conferment. Experienced college grads earn an average of $62,000 a year, while experienced graduate-degree holders earn $74,000 a year, on average.

You want a degree that offers an array of community-centered and socially-focused specializations.

I can go for a grad level cert, like what you did, or they offer two at a local community college, one is budgeting in the public sector, and the other is leadership in public service. They are way cheaper, I think 500/ class, do you think it would be better for me to do a cert to enhance my BA? They offer a grad cert at my local university too, but its like 1500/class and you have to take 6 classes to get that one, while the community college ones are only 4 a piece.

public administration degree

Since you said that you are interested in mpa degree worthless reform, I am assuming that you are interested on the K – 12 level. Usually with those types of jobs, you’ll need to have a sufficient level of practical experiences in the field of education before anyone is going to pay you to “reform” it. I have tried to spin it in some ways as a MBA by saying on my resume that its a mix of business and political science too. Believe it or not, I have been trying to volunteer at non profits and that has also been challenging. You have ignored those working in the profession without the educational credentials that you have.

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What many advertising majors don’t realize, however, is that to land a highly competitive job in one of these areas, their degree should be directly in that field. No matter which degree you choose, it’s reasonable to expect to have a noticeably larger paycheck after you graduate in a position that takes advantage of your MBA or MPA degree. In many MBA programs, students will need to complete and present a final project near the end of the program, often referred to as a capstone project. This will be an opportunity for the student to apply all the knowledge they have learned throughout the program to a real world issue or challenge. And I don’t think an MPA is completely useless in the private sector, if you can manage to find a job you like.

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In 2006, she made history as the first elected female head of state in Africa. In 2011, she even received the Nobel Peace Prize for her efforts for women’s rights. Mississippi State University’s Master of Public Policy & Administration diploma program has acquired accreditation from the Commission on Peer Review & Accreditation .

MPA alternatives such as an MPP, EMPA or MBA are other options to think about too. Improve information in topics similar to management, enterprise communication, psychology, and finance. Master of Public AdministrationSeton Hall University – Seton Hall University provides two on-line masters in public administration levels. I have an MPA from the State University at Albany’s Rockefller College of Public Affairs.

nonprofit management

In 2008, Time magazine included him in their list of “Heroes of the Environment”. He holds a degree in Marketing from the University of Strathclyde , a Diploma in Business Administration, and an MPA degree from the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy, Singapore. Bill O’Reilly is probably best known for his political TV show “The O’Reilly Factor”, aired on the conservative American channel Fox News from 1996 to 2017. In fact, in 1996, when O’Reilly was 47, he had just graduated from Harvard with an MPA degree. Sirleaf studied Economics and Public Policy at the John F. Kennedy School of Government from 1969 and then graduated with an MPA degree.

Culinary arts

Culinary students learn how to chop vegetables, mix spices, and boil potatoes, but they don’t learn skills that can be transferred to other jobs. The result is that many students who graduate with a degree in culinary arts wind up unemployed but well-fed after graduation. An MPA student might look for an organization that’s mission-driven, though they may still take on similar projects and roles as someone in a private business. Many industries with strong business relationships with the federal or state and local governments will appreciate a businessperson who has an MPA degree.

Just from the info you’ve given me my gut reaction would be to avoid it and focus on getting a job. David Howell Petraeus is an American public official and retired United States Army officer. He is best known for his short tenure as the Director of the Central Intelligence Agency from 2011 until 2012 under US President Barack Obama. He holds a Bachelor’s degree , an MPA and a PhD in International Relations.

Coursework could be delivered via a distance platform, an intensive weekend workshop, or on campus, once a week within the evening. Students without public administration work experience are also required to complete a 3-credit internship program. Coursework consists of Budgeting, Public Policy, Research Methods, Government Administrative Theory, and Program Evaluation.

A graduate with an MPA will qualify for a job at a nonprofit, working for a federal or state government agency, a nongovernmental organization, or a private institution. However, these jobs may be highly competitive, and public administrators may find themselves in high-stress jobs with low turnover rates. Executive positions are often not vacated until someone retires, especially if the pay and profile are high. High-profile positions in public administration mean working one-on-one with individuals and groups, so these jobs may be challenging for those who prefer to work independently or without drawing attention to themselves.

Join the local public policy professional group and/or the local alumni group for the city you are living in. If you decide to get an MPA, you will most likely take a variety of exciting courses. Unlike some master’s programs, you don’t need any particular undergraduate degree to be accepted into an MPA program. Most MPA programmes are actually intended for students with at least a few years of work experience. And the universities realise that not everyone is working to leave their job altogether for 1 or 2 years of full-time study, so working while you study is often possible. And it is a great way to immediately put your lessons into action in your current role.

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